News & Notes 6/12/18

Hello! It’s been a while, and I thought I’d drop a “News & Notes” post while I have a minute.

The 2nd IAB Podcast Revenue study is out. There’s a lot to dig into and glean from the report. The surprising thing to me was the number of “baked in” ads vs the number of dynamically inserted ads. DAI still isn’t the majority (which isn’t the surprise) but the percentage of DAI dropped. That’s weird to me.

At Recode, Peter Kafka writes that even though the IAB study shows growth, the overall industry is still small compared to other media. Efficiency in ad buying is still a big problem, although I believe it’s being figured our by folks like Knit.

Another problem that still remains is a standard measurement. Not all downloads are equal. Wondery recently announced they would join others and adhere to the IAB standard for download measurement. Panoply and users of Megaphone will be there by the end of the year. Will others follow? I don’t think they have incentive until buyers start demanding it.

These are good steps that allow advertisers to better understand what they are buying. Of course, the performance based advertisers already know… that’s why they fight so hard for baked in. But I’m talking about new buyers to the space, to grow the overall business.

Lastly, in talking about growing the overall podcast space, Mark Ramsey points out that there isn’t enough for the average American. The content is too high brow, and the dominant tech is still clunky and expensive. More content for broad audiences, and more marketing campaigns about that content.

It kinda goes back to the oldest model in media:

I like to ad one thing to that model to account for the needed promotion to drive an audience to an on-demand experience like podcasts:

It all works together.

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