Podcasting and Ad Blocking | News & Notes (3)

Tyler Moody

In a (usually) weekly “News & Notes” post with thoughts on what I’ve been reading lately, today it’s a lot about ad blocking.


Last week I wrote about advertising and podcasting, and this week I was sent a really good article from Venture Beat about the ad supported web coming to an end.

The article says that the traditional solutions to declining ad value is to increase views, increase ads, and insert native advertising.

The increased ads, and native ads applies to radio and increasingly applies to podcasts too.

Fast forward is the podcast equivalent to ad blocking. How will podcasters address it as we all start to cash in on the money and advertisers coming our way?

The Writing Is On The Wall For The Ad Supported Web


Tyler Moody Another article similar to many others about the growth of advertising in podcasting. It’s the podcast “coming of age” similar to many others that have been written for the past 4 or 5 years. It’s still good to see more attention coming to podcasting.

This one from CBS quotes the figure of $34 million in total podcasting revenue next year, and quotes Adam Carolla saying he’ll generate $5 million and NPR says they get $4.7 million.

Norm Patitz of PodcastOne thinks the market is closer to $50 million, not $34. I forget where, but I’ve been hearing $50 million too.

Trust me, I’m glad the money is coming in and will be working to get a slice of it. As you know, I’m also concerned over ad skipping and saturation taking away from the great experience podcasts deliver.

Podcasting Is Finally Attracting Real Money 


The great folks at MidRoll Media also addressed ad blocking in this blog post saying “Podcasts: The Perfect Antidote to Ad Blockers.”

Well, maybe. Tyler Moody

I disagree with their first two points that Podcasts are immune to ad-blocking (it’s called the fast forward button) and that listeners enjoy the ads.

I don’t think podcast ads are in the same boat as display ads when it comes to ad blocking, but I also don’t think podcasters can ignore ad-skipping and simply claim to be kryptonite to ad blocking, ad skipping or ad avoiding… whatever you want to call it.

Podcasts: The Perfect Antidote to Ad Blockers

P.S. I plan to go through MidRoll’s Definitive Guide to Podcast Advertising

Wednesday night was a historic one for CNN with the Republican debate attracting more than 23 million viewers, a record for CNN.

A smaller historic note happened over at iTunes.com/CNNDebates where you can download the audio from debate night… and hear a pre-roll ad.

Thanks for reading. I’m interested in your thoughts too, so please leave a comment below.

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