News and Notes: What I’ve been reading (2)

Tyler Moody

I really liked this article from The Atlantic comparing renting cable boxes to renting telephones. As a consumer, I’d love it if there was competition for cable boxes with companies providing an open platform for third parties.

Cable Box Rentals: a Needless $19-Billion Industry

I read more on MidRoll Media’s Howl platform from Nieman Lab. As I wrote before, I’m skeptical about something becoming the “Netflix of podcasting” but I do like the idea of monetizing audio documentaries, and other one-off podcasts. Perhaps with my warning podcasts have too many ads, a subscription model is something I should re-think.

MidRoll Media, A maker and monetizer of podcasts, bets that audio can be good enough to pay for. 

Another study once again reveals a valuable audience and reveals an interesting “prime time”:

Westwood One Examines Podcasting Audience, Listening Habits

Podcasting’s first upfront! I’m glad it happened (I wasn’t there) and I think it’s a big deal. But if someone really played audio highlights to a room full of people… ugh. Listening has it’s place, and a room full of people looking at a stage isn’t one of them. Next year put some video to the audio and make a sizzle reel for people to watch. Sorry folks, even though you are there to sell audio, a sizzle reel is the right medium for that kind of venue.

Fortune: Serial sets stage for podcast advertising boom

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